These are the nearly 300 buyers and sellers we have helped. 

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“The Mix Team went above and beyond for my needs. I was dead set on a neighborhood and Jeff wrote letters to all the home owners in that neighborhood … more
by veeduboval

“Fantastic, extremely knowledgeable and honest are some of the words to describe Jeff Mix. I had two previous realtors right before Jeff. He made us … more
by titialix0702

“Jeff is a fantastic realtor, and was instrumental in getting me the house I’m currently in. His knowledge of the in’s and out’s of the real estate … more
by hk4me email1

babblerHouse Buyer (Closed) 6850 Babbler St, North Las Vegas, NV 89084

Jeff did a great job helping us find the house we loved. Although short sales are a little slow, he was great at keeping in touch and letting us know where everything stood. He knew when to step in and change lenders so we could get everything done when we needed to. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sale, he is very knowledgeable and fun to work with. As for Lee Ann, I attended a first time home buyers class that she helped teach and she seemed pretty good too.

cedar ranchHouse Buyer (Closed) 4724 Cedar Ranch Ct, North Las Vegas, NV [Wann]

I’ve had bad experiences working with other Realtors but when it comes to Jeff and LeeAnn they are extremely professional and go above and beyond what a Realtor should do they are excellent and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who’s looking for property in the Las Vegas area.I am so happy with their work that I am buying another piece of property in the Las Vegas area and will definitely use their services I can’t imagine working with another realtor.



House Buyer (Closed) Customer withheld address Henderson, NV [Green Valley]

Jeff and Lee Ann were a pleasure to work with and made the home buying process relatively painless. They went above and beyond to make certain I had a successful close.


Csell tierra visatondo Buyer (Closed) 1908 Tierra Vista Dr Unit 201, Las Vegas, NV [South Las Vegas]

Excellent at what they do. The Mix team sucessfully short sold 7 properties for me, no BS, they get it done.



black oaks

House Buyer (Closed) 6504 Black Oaks St, North Las Vegas, NV 89084

Jeff was a really good agent . Never tried to push anything but was always helpful when you needed him . Thanks Jeff



Indigo bay

House Seller (Closed) 5601 Indigo Bay Way, Las Vegas, NV [Northwest Las Vegas]

Jeff and Lea Ann Mix are a high octane real estate duo. They really do go the extra mile to get a house sold. The professional sales video of our property was not only a nice surprise but was apparently an effective sales technique. Our house was not even listed for a day before they had secured a buyer.


whiteriver plateauHouse Seller (Closed) 8116 Whiteriver Plateau Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89178

I would happily recommend them to anyone looking for an agent.



kel;sey creek

House Buyer (Closed) 2134 Kelsey Creek Ct, Henderson, NV [Anthem]

Both very tolerant and attentive. Easy to work with, easy to get a hold of when you needed them, and very knowledgeable about the local market. Absolutely no complaints.


rustic deseertHouse Seller (Closed) 765 Rustic Desert Pl, Henderson, NV [Midway]

We completed our short sale in 4 months from our first conversation with them. And all but 3 days of that time was waiting on the bank to process and finalize everything. They made our house look great for potential buyers at the fair market price.


palmadaHouse Buyer (Closed) 8406 Palmada Dr, Las Vegas, NV [South Las Vegas]

Buying a home is not an easy process. If it wasn’t for Jeff and Lee Ann, I would have never got through it!



adelphiHouse Seller (Closed) 4084 Adelphi Ave, Las Vegas, NV [South Las Vegas]

I would recommend both to anyone selling or short selling their home! I do not think anyone could have done a better job!



starstruckHouse Buyer (Closed) 8413 Starstruck Ave, Las Vegas, NV [Northwest Las Vegas]

Jeff worked extraordinarily hard in assisting us in getting our home. He was supportive, punctual, communicative, followed-up with our mortgage lender and the seller’s agent on any questions or concerns that we had. We will recommend Jeff & Lee Ann to our friends and family.



Lost Gold

House Buyer (Closed) Customer withheld address Las Vegas, NV [Northwest Las Vegas]

They are honest, pleasant, tolerant, punctual, never disappoint their custmers. Happy to do business with them.




House Buyer (Closed) Customer withheld address Las Vegas, NV [Northwest Las Vegas]

Jeff is very attentive and responsive. He was patient as we looked at a lot of homes and helped us move through the purchase process. And he’s a nice guy!


sally rose sellerHouse Seller (Closed) Customer withheld address Las Vegas, NV [Northwest Las Vegas]

Jeff and Lee Ann worked tirelessly to ensure the short sale went through. This would not have been possible without them. I am very grateful.



HavkinHouse Buyer (Closed) 10310 Havkin Ct, Las Vegas, NV [Northwest Las Vegas]

He is very helpful and knowledgeable in completing this transaction.



danHouse Buyer (Closed) 8261 Annual Ridge St, Las Vegas, NV [South Las Vegas]

Jeff is the man. He’s good about returning calls and emails, and he fought hard to get me the best price possible. Highly recommended.



sealionCondo Seller (Closed) 2111 Sealion Dr Unit 101, Las Vegas, NV [South Las Vegas]

Very professional ,honest,fast seller,excellent service.



via di giralHouse Buyer (Closed) 3717 Via Di Girolamo Ave, Henderson, NV [Westgate]

Lee Ann & Jeff were awesome to deal with. They responded quickly whenever I had questions, they are friendly and very knowledgeable and I always felt like they had my best interests in mind throughout the whole process. The real estate market in the US was rather new to me and they went the extra mile to guide me through it. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again and have already referred them several times.


House Buyer (Closed) Customer withheld address Las Vegas, NV [Northwest Las Vegas]

We purchased a property in Las Vegas from out of state which made the process more uncertain and made us a little nervous. Jeff and Lee Ann were terrific to work with. They were very prompt in response to everything, went far above and beyond what was expected, made us feel very confident in our purchase and in knowing what to expect, and have even been helpful after the purchase in answering questions and locating information for us. I would highly recommend them.


rich amythHouse Buyer (Closed) 9057 Rich Amethyst Ct, Las Vegas, NV [Northwest Las Vegas]

Jeff was the best real estate agent I have ever worked with. He is very professional and patient. He goes above and beyond what I have ever expected from a real estate agent. You cannot go wrong with Jeff and if I decide to purchase a home in the area future I will only use Jeff Mix. I will also refer him to friends and family.



cherry valleyHouse Buyer (Closed) 7945 Cherry Valley Cir, Las Vegas, NV [South Las Vegas]

They were friendly and helped us through the whole process with the bank and signing.



coral crystalHouse Seller (Closed) 1133 Coral Crystal Ct, North Las Vegas, NV 89032

Jeff and LeeAnn are the epitome of what Real-estate agents should be and represent. They have been upfront, personal and informative, not to mention always there and available to answer any questions. I have been on both sides of several real estate related transactions in the past, and with the exception of a few, had wished I had more forthcoming, informative and creative trouble-shooting representatives as the both of them. They are a great team!


Plato Pico


House Seller (Closed) Customer withheld address Las Vegas, NV [South Las Vegas]

After a long Short Sale process,I can honestly say that Jeff and Lee Ann Mix were quite efficient and experienced in the Las Vegas real estate market. I would certainly use their services in the future.


8001 divineTownhouse Seller (Closed) 8001 Divine Dr, Las Vegas, NV [South Las Vegas]

They took great photos and video of my home, and always answered the phone when I called.



spider cactusHouse Buyer (Closed) Customer withheld address Las Vegas, NV [South Las Vegas]

We live in Arizona and were buying a home in Las Vegas for our granddaughter and her daughter to live in. Jeff and Lee Ann went above and beyond to help our granddaughter see available properties and to help us through the paperwork.



House Seller (Closed) Customer withheld address Las Vegas, NV [South Las Vegas]

Both were very knowledgeable and they guided me through the buying process. They would always be there to answer all of my questions and concerns and I found them to be very pleasant, highly knowledgeable about the local markets and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done right. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking of buying or selling a home.


House Buyer (Closed) Customer withheld address Las Vegas, NV [South Las Vegas]

Jeff was able to do what no other agent could. It was an incredible experience for us to work with an agent with the savvy and expertise that Jeff displayed from day one. We hope that he and Lee Ann will be richly rewarded by their “go the extra mile” posture. We are so grateful for their determination to not quit until they got the job done! Thank you Jeff and Lee Ann! We are forever appreciative!


calcedonianHouse Seller (Closed) 10865 Calcedonian St, Las Vegas, NV [The Highlands: Highland Hills: Highland Hill South]

These guys are the best! I would highly recommend them to all of my friends!



skaespeareHouse Seller (Closed) 2604 Shakespeare Rd, Las Vegas, NV [South Las Vegas]

Lee ann mix handled 5 shortdsales for me during a very stressful period of my life, 8 different lenders were involved, lee ann negotiated debt forgiveness on each loan



unnamedCondo Seller (Closed) 4400 S Jones Blvd Unit 3136, Las Vegas, NV [South Las Vegas]

Jeff was awesome every step of the way. He explained everything and definitely went WAY above and beyond the call of duty. I would definitely use his services again.



wigwamCondo Buyer (Closed) 2925 Wigwam Pkwy Apt 1311, Henderson, NV [Green Valley]

We found them very helpful for us as we looked at buying an additional unit … and found them eager to do the same thing for friends of ours. Their patience and understanding nature are hallmarks of solid professional realtors … class acts all the way.



valinda valleyHouse Buyer (Closed) Customer withheld address Las Vegas, NV 89178

Jeff and Lee Ann Mix work very hard and have a Passion for what they do. They met my search criteria and were flexable to the times we could see the homes and had a great wealth of knowledge of all areas in the Las Vegas and Henderson. They have made my family experience the best I have had in buying a home. If you want a professional then Jeff & Lee Ann are your only choice when it comes to a financial decision of this proportion.


via palermoHouse Seller (Closed) 453 Via Palermo Dr, Henderson, NV [Calico Ridge]

Jeff and Lee Ann have it all. They are very knowledgeable, they are extremely accommodating and they truly care about the out come of the transaction for their client.



tierraCondo Seller (Closed) 1908 Tierra Vista Dr Unit 201, Las Vegas, NV [South Las Vegas]

Great service thank you.